Getting There: Christ the Redeemer


From the bus station, the center of Rio de Janeiro, or the street where our hostel is, no matter where you are in this city you can always see the art deco statue of Christ the Redeemer, one of

the most well known symbols of Rio and Brazil .

Founded in 1931, the 635 ton statue is built in marble and soapstone and is considered one of

the “new seven wonders of the world” (actually ranked above the Eiffel Tower!) and, of course,

is one of the most visited places in the city.


Getting to the statue of Christ, right on top of Corcovado, is easy and can be done in several

ways. One tip is to buy the tickets in advance on the official website by clicking here.

1) Corcovado Train

One of the most fun and entertaining ways to reach Christ is with this red train.

Inaugurated in 1884 by Dom Pedro II, the Corcovado Railway was the first electrified railway in

Brazil, and is, in fact, older than the actual monument of Christ the Redeemer.

Access to and purchase of tickets are made in Rua Cosme Velho, 513.

2) Van

Copacabana: these vans leave Lido Square daily between 8am and 4pm

Largo do Machado: from 8am to 5pm, at Largo do Machado (easy access by subway or bus)

3) On foot: how about walking to Christ? There’s a trail that begins in Parque Lage (which will

have a post of it’s own) that can be done in about two hours. With amazing scenery, waterfalls

and lots of nature, the trip is not easy, but it’s worth every moment.

You can see more about the trail in the video below:

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